Video file - Missing Thumbnail Cache

Did a search; its been reported once before, a while ago. No resolution there. Thought I’d test the water again…

Imported video, MP4 (H.264). About 1min 35 secs long. No thumbnails displayed; no luck being ‘force generated’ manually (as per the Manual). Thumbnail Cache size set in Preferences at maximum (128Mb).

Video plays fine; audio has been extracted fine. Just no thumbnails generated.

So, anyone else.?


Apparently the container needs to be .MOV and the codec .MP4 to work.

Although I imported a .mp4(.h264) like you and it had no thumbnail cache either, but then I was just resizing the track height and it now appears. Very strange.

Thanks for that; sounds very strange - I just tried what you did (resizing track height), but no joy. I’ll have to find some time to experiment further with containers etc…

Its no deal-breaker by any means, but right now I’ve just got to get on with what I’m sent. There’s two others involved in the pipeline, producing the video output, and I’m not into re-formatting (and managing multiple copies of stuff) every single time I get a new update, just so I can see thumbnails in the timeline.!

Lets see what the planned updates bring us down the line :slight_smile: