Video file support

My apologies in advance if this is redundant, but I’m confused about Cubase Artist 9.5’s ability to handle video files.
I’ve created several (more than a hundred) Cubase Artist 8.5 projects that rely on video file importation.
These projects rely on .mov files created with Sony Vegas Pro Edit.
With my upgrade to Cubase Artist 9.5, these projects will no longer load the appropriate video or audio files. If I try to
import a .mov file, Cubase Artist 9.5 returns a “Invalid or not supported video file!” error. I have read Matthias Qwellman’s “New video engine” post on this forum and I’m still confused about this.
Am I going to have re-render all of these past video projects in .mp4 or other currently supported format? Thanks.


Of course you cannot use unsupported video format in any application, same in Cubase.

Unfortunately you have to re-render your videos. Or you could try an unofficial and unsupported way. You can copy the old video component from Cubase 8.5 over to your Cubase 9.5 application and use the old Cubase engine in the current Cubase version. But as I said, it’s on your own risk. No one tested, and it’s not supported.

Thanks for the input Martin. If I were to try the method that you prescribe, will this cause any havoc with the Steinberg copy protection scheme?
Also, would you say the the current implementation for video import is superior to the old version (if so, then I’ll be happier about going to all of the trouble to re-render my videos)? Thanks again.


No problem with license to do this.

Steinberg have had to develop own video engine. The old one was based on Apple Quick Time, but Apple stopped to support Quick Time on Windows because of some major issues.

Definitely, Steinberg plans to support this new video engine. I believe the list of supported codecs will grove up, but I don’t know the plans and can’t promise anything.