*Video* First impressions of CUBASIS iOS - AMAZING!

Love, love, love this little app. Reminds me of making music back on the Atari 520STFM with Cubase back in the day… wicked.


Hi Danny.

I like your tutorials and I am a Cubase lover.
But this app is simply not enough. I’m so freakin’
disappointed. I use BeatMaker 2 since about 2 years now.

I miss so many features in Cubasis that are already available
in BeatMaker 2 since the first day.

Things like:

  • No time stretching or pitch shifting
  • No Sampling
  • Very limited drum kits
  • No automation
  • The EQ is a bad joke
  • No iPhone Version

BeatMaker 2 is only 17,99€ and brings so much
more to your fingertips.

When Steinberg released Cubasis I was so stunned.
Then I installed the app and now I’m simply disappointed.
Hope they will have a look at BeatMaker 2 and quickly come up
with features that should have been integrated from the start (in my opinion).


The vid is about 2 years old and it’s the iPhone version.
So you can imagine how much more functions are available by now.

@no1dabeats, I hear you and I understand where you’re coming from but the appearance of Cubasis was fairly stealthy, the expectation that it was going to arrive and knock beatmaker 2 or nanostudio or whatever you’re fav App is off the top of the pile at launch in terms of features is unreasonable.

At the moment we have a really clean interface that will be familiar to many of us who can trace the Cubase experience back to the Atari. To make it useful as more than a sketch pad and to make us move over from our favourite Apps they’ll need to start hanging additional features efficiently off of that nice framework. For me that needs to start with automation and some sort of sampler!

Looking in the crystal ball however I’m expecting that Steinberg will push Cubasis forward quickly and I wouldn’t bet against it being the sequencer of choice on iOS in two years time. Otherwise it will disapear fom view and Steinberg will struggle to generate income from their investment.

So for me Cubasis is a solid statement of intent and it’s slick enough to make me play around with it but I’ll still largely be using beatmaker 2 until they add a good few features yet.

They had plenty of time to study other apps and
didn’t manage to add functions that make using the app
more fun and reasonable? Common!

The only reason to use this app right now is the possibility
to transfer projects directly to Cubase.

I wrote it so many times in the german forum:
An app with Groove Agent One and HSSE.
When they would at least implement Groove Agent One
I’d be able to do something with it. But the drum sounds are
so lame standard that it just does not inspire me to do
something with it. It’s just sad because I’ve been waiting for
an app like this. And now they screw it up from the very beginning.
Could be so much better! And all y’all know it!

And the pricing is just not ok when we compare it to
other apps. It’s Steinberg! The inventors of Cubase.
I’ve been expecting much more.

Sorry guys, i’ve just seen these responses. Yeh, there is plenty on the wish list but for me the most important thing is that it recreates the ‘vibe’ of making music on cubase. I’ve tried most of the other competitors and I prefer the workflow by far. I really hope they bring plenty of new enhancements as the price is higher than most other apps.

Hey Danny.

Just spen some more time with it. Right now it’s ok as
a sketchpad and creating new sounds with the filter makes
it interesting. Still it’d be nice when there were more features.
But Steinberg is already working on it. And you’re right: it’s a pretty
interface and you feel at home with it when you come from Cubase.
So when they come up with new features, this app is gonna be great.
Just to let u know, I calmed down. Had too high expectations on the first
release. :wink:

i understand how you feel about the features, especially Groove Agent, the drums are pretty much useless. Having said that, most all apps as well as PC software apps leave out basic functions on first release for no godly reason. I remember maschine had no count-in…took them a YEAR to add plugin hosting. the desktop MPC software…horrible…FL Mobile had no sampler or sample import…despite plenty of other apps having these basic things, they were still left out.

I use BM2, iMPC and third party drum loops and just paste them in for now and it actually works great…sometimes i actually let the Cubase track play while i audition drums in another app and once i’m satisfied, record and drop it in Sonoma…done. Quick and fast! I’m hoping they will have audiobus in the upcoming weeks, and then i can just play other synths and drums right onto an audio track without having to copy and paste. If they start to offer add-on purchases for more drums and presets…game over! This app is so clean, fast and really doesn’t have many of the hangups most other sequencer apps have. Everything just WORKS which is what i like most, responsiveness to finger touch is top-notch, and not sluggish, imo.

Mark my words, in 3 months, i think this app will be the standard to judge iOS production, assuming they add the required features.