Video Flicker

Here’s a 14 second video, first 7 seconds is Cubase 13.0.40, next 7 seconds is Cubase 11.I forget. Same video file. File plays fine in Windows Media Player, VCL, etc.
AMD 7900XTX, i9 12900.
Any ideas as to how to solve this? I think it’s something to do with hardware acceleration.

I encountered this kind of flickering, but with Cubase VSTi plugins. Only the VSTIs flickered, the environment around remained normal. My problem was related to the NVIDIA video card, I downloaded the latest version for desktop and not the laptop version corresponding to my video card and everything returned to normal. This could be related to the scaling of the image.

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I’ve tried all the options I could find in Cubase - nothing has any effect. And it only happens in the video player.
I did have the same problem in Vivaldi and Edge browsers, but turning off hardware acceleration solved it.
Just to add that this same video also plays in Cubase 12.0.70, (and every other video player and video editor I have) so it seems to be Cubase 13-specific-related. Maybe they added hardware acceleration, who knows.
Just one more reason for me to stick with C12. Well, I tried.