Video: Flow attachment position - bug?

For various reasons, I need to attach a video partway through a score. I’m trying to use the “Flow attachment position” in the properties of the video to make it start at the beginning of bar 82. This is 330 crotchet (quarter) beats into the score (all bars preceding bar 82 are in 4/4, except one in 3/2). The “Flow attachment position” will only accept numbers up to 99, so I can’t input 330.
I can input 82, and change the beat unit to semibreves (wholes), but this is 2 beats later than I want. I can’t change the beat unit to minims (halves), as that would need the “Flow attachment position” to be 163, and it won’t accept numbers greater than 99.
For now, I’m attaching it using 82 semibreve beat units and dealing with it being out by two beats. Whenever I go back to the properties for the video, it changes the beat units to crotchets and the “Flow attachment position” to 99, which I’m guessing is not the intended behaviour.
Not urgent, as I can work around it and it’s a bit of an edge case, but just thought the dev team should know.

I think it’s safe to say we never considered that somebody would want to start a video that far through the flow, as that’s well beyond the standard use case of composing to picture. I’m sorry that the dialog doesn’t allow you to specify more than 99 beats: we can easily change this for a future version, and I will do so, but I’m afraid you’re stuck with the problem of the dialog truncating your chosen value for the time being. (It’s intended that it goes back to crotchets, because we don’t store what value you actually chose: we convert it into a number of crotchets when we save it, so we can only restore that value.)

Perhaps splitting the flow but having the two parts play without a break would be a work-around.

Or maybe you can edit the video and add some black frames to the beginning…

Thanks all for your suggestions, and thanks to Daniel and the team for extending this to 9999 beats in the latest update! Much appreciated. I know it’s an odd use-case, so I appreciate you accommodating it.