Video follow edit mode


I just downloaded Cubase AI and got it installed.

Some Cubase video tutorials say that I should turn on “Video follow edit mode” for what I am trying to do, which is simply to trim a video to remove dead space at the beginning and end. However, this option is not mentioned in the AI user manual, nor is it available, as far as I can see, from the interface.

Should I assume that this option is not available in Cubase AI? If it is available, please tell me where to find it.


You mean not in the manual and not in the program? Isnˋt it quite obvious that means it is not available…?

No, it is not obvious.

Some other interfaces have the facility but it is “always on”, at least by default, and it remained a possibility that that it is “always on” in Cubase AI. In this case, there would be no control for it and no mention in the manual.