Video for PC users?


So I am stoked about Cubase 9 Pro. But…

Have they fixed video? They made a statement 8 months ago saying that video would no longer be available for PC users since Quicktime was making some updates.

Is the video now back in Cubase 9 Pro for Windows users? Or are they still not done fixing something simple?

No, video is not yet ready for Cubase 9 on PC. It still relies on quicktime. I wish that Steinberg would say when this would be ready as a patch for Cubase 9 - or are we going to have to wait as long as a 9.5 version to get it? I’m sure it will be great when it comes, as it will be a modern engine and quicktime never was very efficient on the PC anyways. End of life for quicktime on pc was announced to the public in April of this year, but developers knew about this a lot longer…

I think it is a joke. It’s been over 8 months. What do they expect working professionals that works on a PC to do?

You have to score music for a indep. Movie - You cannot do that in Cubase 9 Pro unless you are on a MAC.

I have been forced to stop using Cubase and accepted Presonus’ crossgrade offer.

If you follow the above link, you’ll see the target is Q1-2017 and they are on schedule.

I get that. If its late first Q its almost 1 year. Instead of trying to make a quick hotfix and then work on it.

Hotfix? This is an entire new video subsystem. Anyway, it’s not as if video didn’t work for this period.

What do you mean?

I cant run Quicktime in Windows, its not letting me - and I am not switching over to MAC.

I don’t know what’s up on your system, but video is working here.

What windows are you on?

There is severe security risks using Quicktime on Windows 7, since Apple is not supporting Windows 7 anymore. I have heard bad things happening with Windows 7 + Quicktime.

QuickTime still runs like it always has in Windows 7 & 8 & 10.
If you are worried about security, don’t install the browser plugin and stop opening videos from places you don’t trust.

Any progress on this front?

Read the top sticky on Cubase general discussion board.
Next maintenance update of Cubase Pro 9 will have the new engine.

Security is of very little concern of Steinberg it seems - really sad story…

Maybe he has anti virus/malware protection that prohibits - as they should.

As I don’t want any of that anti-software doing more harm than threats themselves - I am concerned of known threats at least.

I’ve tested the 7 most used anti stuff - and they make my machine run like a 90’s pc.
Every process open a bunch of dll’s it never was designed for or expected.
And turned off most stuff in realtime even - still recognize longer startup and overall slower everything.

So no anti-virus = you have to be careful about known threats
And I had close to no problems with any audio or video software for 7 years on my windows 7 i7-computer.