Video format question / problem


I thought I would check out the editable video function in C6. It works as expected, but annoyingly I can only load in .avi or .mov formats

.wmv and .mpg aren’t recognised!

To test that the videos were faultless, I went back to C4 and…you’ve guessed it, all 4 formats work fine.

So why now in C6 do I get “Invalid or not supported file!”?

It’s not a show-stopper as I can render a rough in more or less any format in Sony Vegas, but I would like to know what has happened? The manual is useless on this and a forum search brought nothing to the surface either.

Cheers for any help


The new video engine was introduced in Cubase 5 & uses quicktime …it won’t work with mpg but I’m pretty sure you can download a free wmv codec for quicktime.

Thanks Grim, I jumped over C5 and so must have missed that change. I guess the new video implementation is an improvement, it always seemed a bit flaky to me before. I’ll just pre-render any videos to Qt in future.


Use Mpegstreamclip which is free and will convert anything to a Cubase friendly format.



please also have a look to this knowledge base article about the new video engine



Thanks Leggy, I’ll go and look at Mpeg Streamclip.

Thanks also to Chris for pointing me to the knowledge base article, which does a good job of explaining the reasoning behind the changes. Maybe a little more by way of explanation in the manual would be useful?

In general terms C6 seems very stable here, no crashes in first month of use, impressive!