Video formats and NEK ?

Hi All,

I’m a bit confused by some of the stuff that’s posted on the Steinberg Website (Language barrier I guess) so I’m asking the fine people here in the forums.

First, As I understand the MPEG based video’s don’t work with Cubase or Nuendo. And DV or JPEG-Based video’s are supported, but what format is the best to use ?

I’m recording with a Sony AVCHD handycam that records in MPEG (TS I think) so I’ll need to convert it to a supported format to import and use it in Nuendo. But I have no idea what format I should convert to in order to have the highest quality video in the end.

And second, what’s this NEK addon about ? It brings cubase support to Nuendo, but is it needed if you don"t use or have Cubase ?
I’ve got a Nuendo Live license that I want to “upgrade” to nuendo 6 and the discount makes the price of Nuendo + NEK the same as a new boxed version of Nuendo (without NEK) but I have no idea if I need it or not.

so hopefully someone can clarify this for me

Hi Patrick,

use dnxhd from avid in a quicktime file.
Nek brings the synths and notation features plus many more music features from Cubase to Nuendo. If you don’t need them you can save the extra money.

Hi Oliver,

Thanks for the info !
I’ll have a look at that dnxhd in QT and see how that goes.
As for NEK it seems that I don’t really need that. I’m using Finale 2014 for notation and none of the synths.