Video Formats for C6 (32bit) with Windows 7 64bit

In my old system which was all 32bit SX1/SX3+C4 I was able to run most video formats. I am now unable to import a .mov that is Codecs: H.264, IMA 4:1 into a Cubase 6, 64bit system. Not sure what is going on!??

I also have a mac so can do converting on that if need be. I have looked at Handbrake, though no luck with that. So, what converter can I use so that the video will work?

I need this info asap as I have a deadline to meet today :-/

Many thanks

Do you have QuickTime installed in this machine? If not, try that first. Also, you may want to update your video drivers, as that has helped others too.

Take care!

I went to install Quicktime, and was directed to iTunes. Am assuming that Apple insist on itunes now rather than a single installation of Quicktime? Still no joy.

Thanks Jose for your reply here.

I am surprised how little if no help that I have had from this Steinberg website!!! I cannot be the only one with this issue?

It is possible to download QuickTime by itself from this link:

Or did you already install it? And no, you’re not the only one who’s complained about the video engine’s compatibility. However, there is a reason and that is because Steinberg made the decision to only support certain codecs. More information about the video engine can be found here:[productfamily]=2

Also, someone was kind enough to post more info about working with video in Cubase here:

That may help figure out where the problem lies.