Video game stems structure with fader in/out technique? ASAP

Hello all,

I’m doing game project, but for the first time I’ll be working by creating stems, rather than full audio. I.e. low, medium, and high intensities.

These stems will be 1-2 minute loops, and the Devs wan’t them to be seamless, and constant. I’m not 100% on how to go about this. Should these loops be completely constant and steady, and not evolve at all

For example - a pad or bass arp for the full 1-2min with no gaps would be steady. Or quarter note staccatos for the full 2 minutes, and not switching to 8th notes in say bar 4 or 8. Should I just repeat 8 bars throughout the whole loop? How do you even make a Pad seamlessly repeat without fading a wav file a few milliseconds at the end?

I could imagine running into serious issues if one loop at 45sec one loop begins to switch keys, notes, while another is not doing the exact same. However, if everything is stagnant, it seems like the music can end up being a bit monotonous. But then again, fading in another elements could spruce things up. There’s also a concern about losing that natural Decay or Release of a sample, opposed to just lowering the volume when fading out.

Let me know your thoughts, any examples would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

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