[VIDEO] "Ghost In The Mirror"

Ghost In The Mirror - the video

Enjoy! :sunglasses:

Nice mate, you can tell a lot of work went into that video :slight_smile:


Yeah, nice work Ian.

Nice job, Ian. Did you do the whole thing yourself?
I noticed Shane didn’t do any leaping. Did you outfit him with Led Boots? :sunglasses:


I’m sure you meant lead (pb) instead of led (light emitting diode)? Although I suppose led boots would be cool as well for the video :slight_smile:.


Pretty cool, Ian! :slight_smile:

Cheers guys. :sunglasses:

This was mostly shot with my Nikon DSLR in my garage - (except the clouds & moon and ‘guest’ appearances in the window). I filmed Shayne and I separately in front of a green screen that I have pinned to one wall. I built ‘studio’ lights out of cheap domestic Halogen lamps that I mounted on equally cheap mic stands. :slight_smile:

The rest was all done in Sony Vegas. :sunglasses: Only took a billion hours… :laughing:

nice production!

very very cool, worth the hours. in some ways I got more enjoyment out of watching a finished video than I did listening to a finished song. could a dvd of your material be in the works now? :laughing: :sunglasses:

Cheers, glad folks are enjoying it. :sunglasses:

The amount of time that goes into these things is huge and potentially endless… it’s like the time spent doing a mix X 1000 :astonished:

I could have kept going with this, as new ideas kept emerging along the way, but in the end you’ve gotta call it quits! AND being in full HD (1080p) it pushed my humble spec’d PC well past its limits. :neutral_face: It took 7hrs to render this modest 4minutes! :open_mouth:

I’ve just bought a new graphics card, nothing TOO flash but one with enough GPU grunt (certainly compared with what I have) to help things along, but ultimately I think a much faster CPU will be the next thing on the upgrade list. :sunglasses:

I’m thinking Bluray :wink:

Rendering video is all CPU work, (unless you can get something fancy like CUDA to work for your software) so I don’t think you’ll notice much of a difference in rendertime now.

Actually multiple CUDA cores are very common in todays cards. My current, outdated card has 16 cores and actually renders slightly faster than my dual-core CPU! The new one I have ordered has 96 cores, which is still quite low compared to the high-end cards but I understand the performance return falls off significantly with cards offering higher core counts than this. Sony Vegas 11 takes advantage of CUDA GPU acceleration when available:



3D?.. :smiley:

The tune and video are great…I’ve watched several times… you have inspired me!!!

Oh, now you’re just being silly! :laughing: I look bad enough in 2D :smiley:

Coooool! :sunglasses: Makin’ vids is a lot of fun, and there’s certainly a whole bunch of new and interesting stuff to learn - so, be prepared to surrender a huge chunk of your life! :mrgreen: