Video Glitch Issues

So I’m banging my head against the wall here…

before I go forward my system info is:

Windows 10
Dorico Pro 2 (latest version)
Intel Core i7 6700

I also spoke with someone in support who had me uninstall Dorico, turn off all anti-virus, redownload and re-install dorico.

I’ve tried just about every codec/container combination.

At the worst (anything H.26x) the screen is just black (contains audio) but no video playback

Any of the DV codecs work initially but then glitch into a red/pixelated thing (see attachment).

If I close and then reopen the video window I just get a black screen with a small white box in the corner (see attachment)

I am under a deadline for a score and these technical issues in succession are really causing me to fret so any help or insight would really be appreciated… I NEED to get his up and running soon so I can actually write music.

My (HP, Windows 10) laptop recently caused me considerable grief that was down to graphics-switching. It has rubbish motherboard graphics and a separate GPU, and for some reason a recent update meant that it wouldn’t switch between the two graphics cards - it was entirely ignoring the presence of the dedicated GPU. This caused particular problems with HALion.

It’s not particularly likely that this is the same problem, but it might be worth spending five minutes just to rule it out…

Sorry to hear you’re having problems, TorpedoVegas6. Have you tried updating your graphics card drivers? There is some advice about the specific combinations of codecs and containers supported by the Cubase/Nuendo/Dorico video engine here. Are you able to make the video file available to us for testing so we can take a look at it? If so, please send it (e.g. via Dropbox or WeTransfer) to d dot spreadbury at steinberg dot de and we’ll take a closer look.

Hi Daniel, I am wetransfer-ing that file to you right now (7min left as I’m writing this) I have also included a system NFO for you to reference.

I have done as you suggested and updated my gfx drivers. My gfx processing is integrated with my intel MOBO, hopefully the solution is not to buy a GFX card cause I really don’t have that money to drop right now. Anyway, you should have my email from the wetransfer, let me know if you find anything.

Please use your discretion with the video file, it’s an unfinished work of my client’s.

Your video file works fine in Dorico on my Mac here, but that will no doubt be cold comfort. After how long does the video start to glitch and display strangely? If you stop playback, move the playhead to a new position (e.g. select a note elsewhere in the music and hit Alt+P to move the playhead there), does that cause the video to sort itself out?

Hi Daniel,

Thus far, after updating my display/gfx drivers the video playback has been stable (knocking on wood so hard) I will let you know if any further problems occur. I also sent you my system NFO, please let me know if anything on there stands out to you as potentially problematic.

I’m generally pretty comfortable carrying out any troubleshooting steps… I worked as a tech support agent for Pro Tools and then Universal Audio. Thank you for your help.

Great, I’m glad you’re up and running now. Long may it continue!