Video Import: Clip doesn't start at 0:00, Clip is cut off at beginning

Hi, just a quick question about video in Cubase.
Sometimes when I drag a video into Cubase, whether onto a existing (empty) video track or just in empty space to create a video track - with snap off - the video will start a couple of milliseconds or seconds into the video, with the beginning cut off, so I have to manually check every time if it starts at the first frame, or if I have to move the clip forward a bit, and then drag it open to full size. Is there a reason for this?

Also on every video clip I drag into Cubase, the videoclip just has around 150ms silence at the beginning, even though the original video doesn’t. Why is that?

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I’m guessing you use H264 (.mp4) videos when that happens.
Try to use my Tool Kit (Pro version) and covert the video into ProRes using the ProResER app.
And remember to use the Snap Tool in Cubase with the grid set to ‘Timecode’ to make sure you place the video exactly on the video time base (fps) grid of your project.

If you have any questions, please let me know.

It is not codec related.
It is a timecode/tempo related bug which Steinberg refuse to fix and it is a disaster for “audio for video” jobs.

Every time you set the tempo to something which is not 120 bpm, the first few milliseconds become blank.

Check my thread here.

The behavior you describe is intended, and I agree with you it shouldn’t be.
In any case, I don’t agree that this is what this thread is about. The timecode (fps) vs musical beats (bpm) mismatch, can only create a one or two video frames disappear, not a second or two as the guy here describes.
Plus, I think you’re wrong with your assessment that it only happens if the musical time base (bpm) is other than 120, it is true that it is harder to achieve this mismatch when you’re on 120 bpm because 120 divide by 60 (seconds) is exactly 2, which means every second on your timeline is exactly ON both bpm and fps grid lines.
I can explain it in further details but we Hájeked this thread from its core purpose, so maybe we should do it elsewhere.

The issue stopped happening in Cubase 12.0.30 on a Mac.