Video Import Conversion

An idea that just occurred to me would be building a video transcoder into Nuendo so one could drop any old highly compressed video file that was sent to you onto the video track and Nuendo would give you the option of automatically converting it to an Avid DNXHD to work with. There are bucket of video converters around I know but if it were something that could happen in the BG in N10 then you could just drop the video onto the track, start work and without thinking about it again end up with a high quality video replacing whatever you started with.

I understand there may be some limitations, especially with large sessions that are already using a lot of CPU but if the video conversion process could have the option of being low or high priority then it could just happen over a slightly longer period when importing into a large CPU heavy session.

I am so impressed with being able to export video’s from N10 now I thought this might be an exciting next step.

As much as I hate to rain on your parade I deal a lot with developers of apps that do nothing else but Video Transcoding … and it’s a never-ending battle to keep up with all the formats, variations and combinations that crop up in video let alone licensing! I can’t imagine SB wanting to burn the time it would take away from everything else . I’m pretty sure a dedicated app is the best bet… as you note there are many… although find ing a good one is easier said than done.

But what do I know?

I tend to agree with Lee. Development $ better spent elsewhere… in my opinion…

Thanks for the info Lee. I didn’t realise it would be such complicated pain. Yes MattiasNYC, development $ definitely better spent elsewhere.