Video Import Issue


I am having a very strange issue with Nuendo 11 and importing video.

I have been capturing a series of screen captures with OBS… all with the exact same video output settings, nothing fancy… just regular runofthemill .mov files.

What I’m experiencing is, that Nuendo will import some of the files… but not others. This is despite all the files having the exact same encoding settings out of OBS.

If I’m lucky… maybe 3 out of 10 videos will import OK into Nuendo, but the rest will not.

Has anyone else experienced this sort of problem?

no, but try to re-encode / convert them and see what happens.
I do that with the ER Media Toolkit from Audiospot

the weird thing is… re-encoded files retain the same issue…

files that import, re-encoded, still import (as expected)

files that wouldn’t import, when re-encoded, still will NOT import (strange, right?)

it must be some issue/inconsistency with OBS (i’m thinking) ~ but it’s strange that only Nuendo is sensitive to whatever it is.

incidentally… when I try to import the problematic files into Reaper - Reaper has no issues importing any of the files.

Allow me to jump in.
I developed the ER Media ToolKit, and there’s a reason why lots of people like it so much. If you try to convert a video that for any reason will not import into your DAW, the (Pro) app not only warns you but also offer to fix it automatically so you won’t have unexpected issues on import.
You should try it (free for 21 days) and see for yourself.
Just note that this auto-fix option only applies to the Pro version, not the Essentials version.

Another good practice is to make sure you keep the Force Size To - 1080p always checked. and if you convert back to H264, choose Work in the Video Quality drop-down list, even though converting to ProRes is much better for DAW playback (but also bigger in file size).

Regardless. About your current problem, I would guess that it originates from the fact that not all your videos are created at a fixed standard time base (FPS).

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i’m encoding the files at a standard 30 FPS
same issue though with other framerates.

I just tried to use another screen recording software, and experienced the same issue… some files would import, others would not. exact same settings.

so Nuendo is being picky about some files over others ~ even though the files have the exact same encoding settings… this is really very perplexing.

Hi @MikeSchmidt , if you share with me one of the files that will not import into Nuendo, I can analyze it briefly and tell you what keeps it from being approved by Nuendo. There’s Always a good reason, Nuendo will not reject it for no reason.

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thanks for the offer, Sagi.

I’ve uploaded some example files to a google drive location.
Unfortunately this forum won’t allow me to post links, so you’ll have to piece this together if you want to have a look see… com)/drive/folders/1y-HGtm5DsKN3rfc55Vr-p68JCjfwchg7

If you can determine what might be causing the issue, that’d be great! cheers.

Hi @MikeSchmidt
I don’t have permission to access your folder.
I sent you an access request via google drive.

Or: you can upload some files here.

All the best,

@Sagi i uploaded some files to your dropbox for testing. thanks again :wink:

Hi @MikeSchmidt ,
I think that the problem is the “Source duration” row. This line shouldn’t exist at all.
If you have MediaInfo installed, you can open all your media files and see that any file that wouldn’t import into Nuendo has this extra info that indicates that something is wrong with the media written duration.

Two more things that shouldn’t prevent Nuendo from being able to import those files but also not very good for smooth playback in any DAW.
1 is the fact that the media files are written with a Format profile L3.1, which is very old, and these days L4.0 and above are preferred.
2 is the fact that the encoding was done using a GOP (Group-of-Pictures), while in DAW playback it is always preferred to have NO GOP, essentially making every frame a keyframe.

Of course, most people don’t care about all these technical bull***, they just want it to work.
That’s why I developed the ER Media ToolKit, which just makes life simple. If you put any of your media files through MediaER Pro and use the below settings. The files you get out of it will always import into your DAW whether you work with Cubase, Nuendo, PT, or any other software.

No other tool fixes this kind of problems automatically without bothering you with technical stuff you don’t care about.


so that “Source duration” row ~ does it exist in the file that won’t import, but not in the file that will import?

MediaER fixes it automatically without even telling you about it as it shouldn’t be there in the first place.

interesting… very strange that that parameter would exist in one file and not the other, even though both files were captured/encoded back-to-back with exactly the same settings out of OBS…

perhaps folks at OBS may be able to comment further…

(though i had similar import woes using other free screen capture software as well… i wonder if Windows may be to blame for these discrepancies somehow…