Video import issues

I have to import some QuickTime screen captures into Nuendo. So far, out of four .mov files, only two can be actually imported, the other two can’t drag & drop and are not even visible in MediaBay. Their different resolution shouldn’t be the problem, as the ones that import have different pixel rates as well. Apart from that they are completely identical. Any thoughts?

Of course you know that you can only create a maximum of two video tracks in a project. :wink:

Can you import the files into the pool [CTRL+P]? Or does that not work either?

I’m aware of that, I’m only using one video track here. Those two can’t be imported into the pool either.

Can you use the free program MediaInfo to post the technical specs of one of these files here that you can’t import into the pool?

This one’s and the other’s framerate seem to be slightly off and don’t meet the standards Nuendo can work with, which, in the case of the other two is 59.940 FPS. That’s the explanation, I assume, mystery solved:) thanks for the help!


With pleasure.

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I always recommend using the ERMedia Toolkit from Audiospot to (re)encode videos to DNxHD or ProRes for a flawless workflow in Nuendo. It is super easy and fast to use. Cheers


I appreciate the innovative idea behind the software. But any other encoder will help with this problem. If you already have another video encoder, that one will do as well.