Video import not working

I´m trying to import a mp4 file from the file browser ( i tried other methods in the manual) but the file does not even show in the timeline.
If i use the Insert menu and browse for the file it automatically creates the video track but empty.

My guess is that the underlying video format is not supported by the decoder. I guess this video can be displayed in some other video player? Any info about the format?

Hi @PG1 . Thanks, as always.
The video is an mp4, i loaded in Reaper and it loads fine,
This are the details for the video


Does it work with other videos?
I note the unusual 100 frames per second.

I assume you use the lastest WaveLab version, 11.1.20, right?

I am using the latest Wavelab 11.1.20 build 62 .
I did notice the 100 frames too . The client sent me the video like this.
Should i use some converter ? i didnt want to change the format but since its a preview so i can edit the audio i think that should be ok. Handbrake maybe can do the trick,

Cubase doesn’t support such frame rate and I doubt Wavelab would. So converting the video is probably the only option.

You could also render the audio from Wavelab and then remux the copy of the original video.

If you want more info about video files there is an app called MediaInfo.

Thanks for your help @misohoza