Video import problem on Cubase Artist 7.5

Hello all,

I’m currently struggling to import any video files onto my projects, I’m needing to do so as I’ve started working on a few short films and have just received the video files so I’m in need to sync them up.
Every format I have tried to select comes up with the ‘Invalid or not supported file!’ message. And I’ve tried mov. mpeg. mp4. (all which are meant to be supported by Cubase).

I’m a bit lost on what to do, I don’t know if I’m meant to install something onto Cubase or link it up with something? I’ve got Quicktime Player installed.

Any help would be brilliant!

I’ve tried things like this: and still nothing.

My files will play in Quicktime but not on Cubase.

All video tutorials show different settings on the - Device Set-up - Video. All I appear to have is;

  • Device (On-screen window) - Format (Fixed) - Offset ms (0) - Active

I really need help with this