Video Import Problem

I’m using Nuendo v12, I have installed the Avid Video Decoder for Avid DNxHD®, and I still can not import the video from the Avid into Nuendo. The File is MFX, Can not import that, I converted the MFX file in the VLC video player to Apple MPEG-4 so it has a.m4v at the end of the file name, can not import that, I’m trying to get the darn video from the picture editor into Nuendo, and I can not do it, I can with my Pro Tools Rig, but not Nuendo, this is a problem for me, any suggestions? Or help appreciated.
I’m on a Mac OSX 11.6.6, I’m using a 12 Core Trash Can Pro, with 1288GB Ram


  1. Nuendo does not yet support MXF video files (only MXF audio).
  2. Avid DNxHD/HR is supported in a MOV container only at this time.
  3. The video engine supports a couple of common containers and codecs. If the file cannot be imported, it most probably contains unsupported data of some kind (container, codec, framerate, resolution). Please consult the following article for details about video engine support: Video support in Nuendo, Cubase, WaveLab and Dorico

There are various ways to encode video files in a proper way. One easy solution is the “ER Media Toolkit” by Audiospot: ER Media Toolkit.


Yes, I opened the video in Pro Tools and bounced it out to Mov file to import into Nuendo, this is a step, that I wish we could do away with, and provide better video support in Nuendo

Yeah, MXF video support is a FR for years.
I do use Avid as well, and do either export as an MOV directly or convert it to MOV with ER Media Toolkit (or sometimes directly with ffmpeg).