Video import question (Fraps .avi)

Hi, I’m no expert, so sorry in advance if this is trivial. This is my very first video import into Cubase.

I took a short video capture with Fraps (well known Windows video capture software: - the resulting file that it saved out is an .avi, about 8 seconds long, roughly 25MB, half my screen resolution so maybe 640x480.

In Cubase 6.5 I try File->Import->Video File…, Cubase recognizes the file and imports it to a track (no errors), but the result is basically no video (see screenshot).

I’m assuming that maybe Fraps is encoding it in something Cubase doesn’t have a codec for? If so, does anyone know what I need? Or is there something basic about video importing that I’m missing?

I’m also more than willing to use some other video capture software… as long as it’s free :slight_smile: I only need short video segments of gameplay to help me align my sfx to the animations.

Additional information:

The video plays fine in Window Media Player, but QuickTime said it needed additional software (I’m assuming codecs) to play it. Since Cubase uses QuickTime I believe I just need to download the appropriate codecs?

OK, nevermind :slight_smile: Just used Windows Movie Maker to convert to H.264 mp4 and QuickTime/Cubase had no problem with that file. I guess even though the Fraps codec is on my machine, QuickTime doesn’t use it.