Video improvement

I’m using video feature and I’m facing some problem for my show.

Context: I want to use a loop video of 10 seconds.

1- It could be good to have an option “loop”, instead of having to duplicate the video all along the song. With this option, we could put one time the video which will be looped until the end of the song.

2- I duplicate the 10s video until the end of the song. Because it is a loop, I want the video to be repeated without fade. But it is not the case. Between each duplicated video, there is a short time all black. Even with Fade parameter = 0


I tried with 2 video tracks and put the video one time on track 1, next time on the other and so on. But still the same black short time between videos.

Will check.

We improved video transitions, pls check with the next version.

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