Video in 9.5 seems to not work. How to troubleshoot?

Just using mp4 files that previously worked in my old Cubase 6, no longer working in Cubase 9.5. I used to just have to re-install Quicktime whenever there was a problem, but since 9.5 is not using Quicktime, I am not sure how to trouble shoot any more?

Video plays for half a second, then just stays still. Usage of Cubase is not affected. Just video. This is sort of an urgent matter as I need to score to precise video for a living.

Please help if you can.

Side note: a lot of times I can’t drag files in to Cubase that I used to be able to drag in, either. regardless of file type. I am sure there is some encoder problem, but I don’t know what Cubase is using now, so I can’t really get the wheels going.


Cubase 9.5 is not using QuickTime as a video engine anymore. Please read this article.

Unfortunately, an update to this problem I am having:

Video only seems to freeze for me in projects that have heavy activity. I In my case 70% ASIO and 25gb RAM. I still have 30gb of available RAM, so I am not sure why that would affect it.

I tested opening video in an empty project, and it played fine, so there is something to do with the load of this project. Is there an established limit I can’t go beyond?