Video in C4 "imported" on opening the cpr - normal?

Putting video clips in Cubase is new to me. I’d like to know whether what I’m experiencing is as it ought to be.

I imported a 90-min audio recording into C4, together with a video track containing several clips (varying from 30 secs to 10 mins) - aligned against the long audio file by moving them til their sound tracks matched the audio recording.

(Almost) every time I open the cpr file, C4 “imports” the video files again. The video clips (from a compact camera) are mpg files, and the C4 video player is set as QuickTime. The video cache files (thumbnails) don’t get recreated.

The importing takes several minutes - a PITA.

The reason I said almost every time (above) is that if I close the cpr file and re-open it without closing C4, the cpr file will load again quickly, without any indication that the files are being imported again.

So it seems that there’s data from the import being stored while the C4 session is underway, but not available for subsequent sessions.

Is that normal? Or should a cpr file containing video open quickly, without that importing happening?

Try Prepare Archive.