Video in Cubase

simple question I know but…

We have not been able to import or run video files in Cubase and just gave up.

Now we are on Cubase 7 can somebody tell us what works?

We have tried .mov, .mp4, wmv, Nothing works using imort video or drag and drop. When we try to import a video file, nothing, no error messages, nothing appears in the Pool. There must be some simple thing we are missing? :question: :cry:

Are you able to open the videos with Quicktime Player?

I don’t know what the problem is, but did you read the Video section in the manual? I don’t mean to be smart, but it’s pretty detailed.

Thank you for your reply.
The video files open fine in windows.
I have read the manual several times to no result.
Apparently Import Video works fine for you?

Yes, no problems here, and have seen no mention of it on the forum. Is your Cubase install intact?

Mac OS 10.8, C7

Just convert any video in H264. I use it all the time, and I had the same problem untill I found that with H264

There was a time when you had to install QuickTime before video would work, but I am not sure if that is still the case or not.

I always make sure they play in QuickTime before trying it in Cubase.

That is still the case, why I asked if the OP if he did that.

:smiley: yes I wanted to make sure he was opening in Quicktime and not a windows player, as he never said he had quicktime installed. I wonder if he has fixed it yet?

Installed the so-called ‘Quick time’ and videos now import thank you. :smiley: Actually I call it ‘slowtime’. It is useless on my system anyway because the video does not update quickly enough to be any use at all.

Instead I just go back and forth between Vegas and Cubase. :neutral_face:

My original post was about who uses this feature, why and how? And I suppose do I need a twenty-eight core 600GHz processor with 999 dodecagigs of RAM, and a Saudi Arabian desert for a hard-drive to use it? :laughing:

To find out about my system specs… umm. Steinberg have them but they appear to be on holiday. :slight_smile:
Cubase 7 -

use this little wicked program (quite funny looking GUI but extremely useful for scoring to picture when nothing seems to work) – “format factory”. you will always be able to find a format cubase will accept.