Video in Dorico 3.5

Hi everyone.

I’m working on music for a documentary with multiple flows with several video files. I was working on the project the other day when suddenly none of the videos had audio anymore. I could hear my score being played back and I checked the mixer and the video track was un-muted. I tried reattaching the videos and that worked for one of them but the rest remain without sound. I don’t understand why the videos would work for weeks and then all of a sudden not have sound. Any help or suggestions would be helpful!

I’ve tried putting the videos in new empty files and I can’t get a consistent read. Sometimes the videos will work in blank files and some remain without sound.

The problem will be caused by a change in sample rate on your computer, I expect. Dorico caches the soundtrack of the video as discrete audio files, exported at the sample rate of your system at that time. If you subsequently open the project again with a different sample rate set in your system, unfortunately the soundtrack won’t be re-cached by default, and hence it won’t play. The simplest thing to do, if possible, is to reset back to the original sample rate.

Hi Daniel!

Everything is set at 48 so I don’t think that’s the problem…

It is also weird because I have one of the videos attached to 8 flows in the document. It’ll play in flows 1-6 but 7 and 8 it doesn’t play audio.

I think it will be sample rate related. I suggest you check e.g. this earlier thread.

Try to avoid using multiple flows with different videos. Use separate files and make sure that you don’t change sample rates while these are open. I suggest making a final draft version without attaching the video files and pasting just the music into that version. That’s been the best solution for a similar project where I’ve encountered this issue.

Also, make sure that your soundtrack files are at the same sample rate, that the soundtrack files that each score is accessing is correct (if you don’t know how to do this, check my post that @dspreadbury linked to), and check your audio driver sample rate. If you need more help, I’ll be happy to give some suggestions as I’ve gone pretty deep into workarounds for this.