Video in Dorico 3

Hi there!
I’m just starting out with Dorico 3 on Mac (os High Sierra).

I have a problem when working with video: the video itself goes completely black if I hide the video window and play the score without it for a couple of times. In this case I can hear the video track but not see anything. I have to restart Dorico to make it work again.

The second issue is more a question about video. Is there a way to “lock” the video window in the second screen? (I’m using an ipad with “Duet”).
My problem is that as soon as I exit from Dorico, changing desktop for example, the video window changes position and goes into the main screen.

Thanks for your help!

Welcome to the forum, matongreg. I’m afraid there is a problem with the Video window that if you close it by clicking the close button in the corner of the window, when you next show it again the video doesn’t play (though the audio can still be heard). To work around this problem, use the key command to hide/show the window, or the button on Dorico’s main toolbar, and you should find that it works OK.

As for locking the window to another display, you can’t lock it, but Dorico will retain its size and position between sessions, so it should stay on the second display if you put it there.

Thanks, Daniel!
I solved the “black video” problem, as you said, just by closing and opening the video using only the key command/toolbar’s button. Great!

As for the second display problem, I still find that the video, although retaining its size, moves through the monitors.
Maybe it’s this particular setting that I’m using that causes the problem.
Any ipad+duet users out there can share their experience? :slight_smile:

Thanks again