Video incompatibility

I opened a vidoe file taken with a Z9 camera and edited in Resolve in Cubase 13 and got the masage indicated. What needs to be done to resolve. I was surprised also playing in cubase how much more trebe;u os os wotj clshing cymbals, dominant sax and almost no bass, which I had boosted a little before exporting in Resolve.
Take 5 mismatch

It was hard to type this as I could only see part of the line I was typing and couldn’t scroll down. I wanted to edit, but the same thing, I get a more complete window at the right but wouldn’t let me change vidoe to video, I wonder why I couldn’t see all of what I was typing. Resolve is a video editing program, Going back, I see that the beginning was cut off as the video starts before any playing.


Please read through Video support in Nuendo, Cubase, WaveLab and Dorico article.

So I saw that DaVinci is supported, 264, also, and I changed the frame rate to 29.97 and the warning disappeared when I started over and reloaded. However the beginning before play starts is missing. Still over-trebly and I am going to look further. Is video actually supposed to play or just show thumbnails.
Then I click on the mediainfo link that indicated free download to analyze the video. Next thing I had a page to pay $9.95/moth with my creidt card for driver update support.

This has nothing to do with Steinberg.

Please read the document @Martin.Jirsak linked to.

Reading the article is how I determined that that Davince is supported, 264 is supported and I needed to change the frame rate to 29.97. I’m not sure how much else I need to know. It had the mediainfo link that wanted me to pay $9.95/month to have driver update info., and now I uninstalled that.

It is not going to tell me if Cubase actually should play videos or just show thumbnails, as I asked.

Cubase plays videos. It’s stated in the marketing materials and the manual, and throughout the forum in the various posts.

Since it is my first video, and it doesn’t play, I didn’t know. Now I just don’t know why it doesn’t, or how much more research and time I will have to spend to figure out.