Video is freezing - Crashes Randomly

I m using VST Live 1.1.20
I use video file to display live the tablature of the guitar tracks.
Unfortunately, the video keeps freezing at random points, and I have experienced multiple random crashes.

I really dont trust using VST Live in a live situation.

Windows 11
Asus Rog M16 2022 - 32Gb Rab
Cubase 12 Pro
Steinber UR-22C

Hi @plusyear,

Can you please have a look to the folder

VL generates CrashDump files if something went wrong. Can you zip the files and share it with us?

Can we get access to the file? If you like you can send the file to m.spork (at)


Hi Michael,

Regarding the video Just sent you an email.

I coudnt find any crashdump in ths folder. It only had a crash from Cubase a couple of months ago.

Hi @plusyear,

I did not receive anything :frowning: Can you please zip your files and send it again?

Thank you,

closing this now, no further reports

Hi Michael,

Accidentally i sent the email and not .de
Can you please confirm that you have received my email?

It’s not but

indeed I ve just re-sent the email.
Thanks for the correction @musicullum