Video Issue: Full Screen Mode goes to wrong screen.

I’ve been using Cubase 4 for ages, and it used the quicktime settings for ‘Full Screen Mode’. Basically, I have two screens, one of them is a 40 inch LCD that I like to view video playback on in Full Screen Mode. Normally, because of my settings in quicktime, the video just goes to the correct screen.

I recently got Cubase 5, and now it doesnt go to the correct screen, regardless of the settings I use in Quicktime. I cannot find any settings within Cubase to change this as well.

I’m still running Leopard on my G5 (I have a copy of Cubase 6 and Snow Leopard, but have to find a gap in my production schedule to upgrade all of this). Could it be an OS issue? I’m unable to load Cubase 6 to test as it only runs on Snow Leopard.

If anyone has any idea how to fix this, I’d be most appreciative. This issue is driving me insane, as I work primarily to picture and need this function daily.