Video issue in loop mode


QT-H264 video, 15s long.

When playing in loop mode, after the first playing, when coming back to left locator, the video doesn’t play for a few seconds (black screen). Pictures appears again after a while. No problem when starting the video from left locator while in stop mode, but loop makes it that way…

I have to setup a 5s preroll to have the loop playing the video as it should (I mean having left locator 5s before the video). Never encountered such an issue, even in N5.5…

I checked the very same video file in Cubase 9 with no problem at all. I tried to convert the 1080p video to 720p with no changes.

Any idea about ? Thanks !

I’d guess you are running a long-GOP h264.
Stop doing that :slight_smile: that will likely stop it from happening.

H264 as a codec is pretty good as long as it is setup to not create long-GOP or intraframe compression (I may not use the correct words here). Easiest is to just convert the video to any non-long-GOP format like prores dnx36 or the like.

Hi Erik,
I could have a turnaround for this, I guess there’s something weird abour the video file. When setting the loop one frame shorter than the video file it looped quite good then. I tried to export a QT in Premiere, I added 1s at the end but exported file had only 1 frame black image at the end ! Way beyond my understanding, never seen anything similar.
I didn’t try to convert to some other codec, I guess this should have been the final issue :wink: