Video Issue

1. I created a video connection assigned to Video 2 view…once…as a test. From that point forward, I’ve had a tiny window called “Video 2” that pops up on every single song…even though I have long since deleted this view and connection.
2. Full screen of death: Since incorporating a cool video with one of the songs in our show, I’ve discovered that anytime I need to edit a plugin setting…the second I hit “e” to edit…the plugin open fullscreen over the entire project…huge…as to leave no way to close the damn thing, other than to alt-ctrl-del and start over. This renders the project useless…is this a known issue?

**Edited: I’m noticing that all plugins are opening HUGE but most seem to be able to be dragged over enough to close…annoying, but not the show stopper that “Studio EQ” causes. So far, that seems to be the one plugin that opens full screen and does NOT allow to close after. You have to alt-ctrl-del. Is there no other way to EQ a channel, than with plugins? No native channel EQ?

Menu Devices/Video Views. You have probably set this to “Autoload”.

In general - not only with VST Live - it is a good idea to reset a value that you tested but don’t know exactly what it does, if it doesn’t provide what you desire. Always switch back to where it was unless it does what you expect. This can save you a lot of trouble. Advice mode off :slight_smile:

Absolutely not. Could you provide an example plugin and possibly more instructions how to reproduce it? Best with the built-in plugins if those also show the problem. Also, does it have to do anything with the video view?

Could you please also let us know your screen settings? Resolution and scale, and do you have “Use HiDpi” on or off in preferences?

Thanks for helping!

Item1: That’s the problem…I can completely remove all video connections…nothing to autoload or anything…gone…and this damn window still pops up on every single song. I did exactly what you advise above as well (it’s a best practice for me, as I have to trouble shoot and test a lot in my day job). :smile:

Item2: I was able to resolve this issue by unplugging the highest resolution external video output for a moment. Then, all of the plugins stopped latching on to that video monitor’s resolution and were back to the same resolution as my actual laptop. I hope this is a permanent fix - I’ll let you know if I see it again.

So did you check the “Devices/Video Views” settings? No video Window is opened by VST Live if none is set to “Autoload”. Do you even see a video view there? Only active video views can be edited there.

Correct; devices/views can be totally empty…and that window still pops up when song is selected.

Then it’s not a video view. Can you extend it, what does it show etc, maybe a screenshot?
Oh, and always assuming you use the latest version from last Friday.

The top of the window says “Video Monitor 2” and it cannot be resized. I can move it or close it. That is all.

Update on Item2 above (plugins opening HUGE and some full screen, completely Hi-jacking the UI): The moment HDMI is reconnected, the problem presents again. The only solution I have, is to disconnect video anytime I need to make a plugin adjustment, then reconnect afterward.

  • at any time, create a video track
  • open “Devices/Video Views”
  • identify Monitor 2 and set its “Autoload” column off.
  • you can remove the video track now.

Does that work for you?

I tried that before and it didn’t work…this time it did! Not asking questions, just glad it worked this time.