Video issues

Hey just bought Cubase 9

I am dissapointed now . After all these years on sonar and ableton for a while where This issue is not a problem .

Can one not export video file with Sound ? When This flagship cant do it but all the others ?

How hard Can it be when all the other daws does it ?

Any solution to This ?

Thank you


In Cubase you cannot export video. But you can Replace Audio in Video File. So the video source (track) of the video file remains and you will Replace the Sound by the one you made in Cubase.

Hey Thank you for the swift answer

I will try it

But why not add this feature so that one can have a dialogue with the film director since you already have it worked out in Nuendo , not a big deal I am sure since the work is done already and most of your competitors has this option . Is it to force one to buy nuendo ? Another problem but it says you are working on it in the support is that cubase 9.03 update does not import the original sound of the video file you import . just a millisecond of emptyness.

Thanks for responding

its so tedious to make it . Render it and go into another daw and add it to render it even if its just a small bit of a film to discuss with director in this case .

All the best

Another aspect is that now and after a while when Dorico will integrate more with cubase which i presume is the Idea here. It would be perfect even for scoring for film and all . see what I mean .


I get the error message 'Cannot replace existing audio stream from video" … I thought this feature is no longer working since 9.0.30?

You are correct. It is not possible with the new video engine. Martin’s post above is only true for previous editions of Cubase, that used the old QuickTime engine. The feature is reported to be coming back, in a future update. There is a Knowledgebase article explaining all of this too, for further detail.

Not exactly - An “alternative” feature allowing rendering of the video with audio is planned.
Replace audio on video did this without the heavy time cost of video rendering.

Ok - thanks for that important distinction; I had not appreciated this…

So i guess one is forced to crossgrade to nuendo then ?

No, no… N8 suffers the same fate; if you can access an earlier edition of Cubase perhaps…?

You can run earlier Cubase version with your current license.

Thanks for the info on audio replacement in CB9. I just posted a question yesterday asking about this. Hope they get to update it soon.
And yes, replacing audio works just fine on CB8.5

Thanks again


I have issues in Cubase 9.0.3 when trying to import a video file. Video is imported but not the audio. In version 8.5 it worked perfect.
Any clues?

You can’t extract audio from video on Win7. Feature in development.

Thank you Grim for your answer. Can you explain what you mean?
Do you say that if i had Cubase 9 in windows 10 i had no issues?


Ok Thank you for your answer. I know it’s gonna be off topic but do you guys suggest me to install Windows 10? Do I will have privileges vs Windows 7 in performance or stability?