video jitters and darkness

i’m on C6.01

i get video jitters, video too dark

also no quick time or any selections in video section of device setup

when watching some vids where Cubase jitters, no jitters watching those same vids in quicktime

please help

need to figure out why they are jittering



Are you playing quicktime files? That’s all cubase works with.
Cubase 5 had some issues playing back H264 quicktimes though (jittery). I don’t know if 6 does.
Open up the inspector in quicktime player and see what codec was used.

well i found out the video too dark issue was related to the film that was sent to me so that’s not an issue

and i did find that they are h.264 mp4 files.

but they play in QT fine just not cubase…though cubase should have no issues cos it uses QT which isn’t having any issues

steinberg please help!!!

Can you help them further, by supplying a small segment of the file to analyse, via a Support Ticket in MySteinberg…? Posting here is NOT the route for SB Support.

Direct (Official) SB Support details are in the ‘sticky’ at top of the forum page.

Good luck…!

AS far as I’m aware, Cubase has a problem with H264 even thought it plays back fine in Quicktime on the desktop (and in Logic). I posted about this just before the switch from the old forum.
I do a lot of work to picture and always have to convert the files to a different quicktime compression. I can’t remember which one, I think it’s mpeg4. I can check at the studio tomorrow.

yea i even added an h.264 codec but still nothing.

some mp4’s work fine (even those in HD) and some don’t .

i guess there are issues with the same file extension format which in turn have multiple formats/codecs within.


check this, its served me well