Video Jitters...


I’ve just switched from 8.5 to 9.5, so no longer have the Firewire Out option for video. I now have the video on a second screen which is an LG 55 inch TV via HDMI.

No matter what I do, the video does not move smoothly - there are jitters, stutters and the picture quality isn’t really the best either.

What can I do to make the quality of this match what I had with Firewire (which was also on the same TV mentioned above)? Do you think Steinberg will ever re-introduce Firewire Video Out as so many of us still use it?



Compress it as H264 with max 6000kb/s.

I’ve found that using the ProRes codec has given me the most stable video playback I’ve experienced.

You can download it here -

Be warned that ProRes files are rather large compared to .mov - but it works… nicely.

Thank you both!

Is there a Mac version of the ProRes Codec at all?