Video Marker Question

First - thank you for the attention to Scoring to Picture. I wonder if I’m missing something on the workflow though. When you’ve moved through the video to spot a specific frame:

A) If you use the shortcut Alt+Shift+M, you get a marker right where you want it, but you don’t get the marker dialog. You have to go click on the new marker in the video pane to the left and rename it. Or…

B) You click the plus sign in the video pane, the marker dialog comes up but it doesn’t contain the position of the current frame, but rather it is set to the beginning of the video.

Am I doing something wrong? What seems right is either for the shortcut to bring up the marker dialog with the current frame, or if there is a popover - since there isn’t anything else in marker dialog but position and name anyway.

The next thing I’m doing for myself often is to create a comment as I don’t want the marker itself to be too big, but the comment doesn’t seem to stick to the score unless I select a rest/note/etc. in the score. It’s workable, but better if the markers had comments, or if the Comment shortcut would key to the marker’s current position if the marker is selected. Else the comment will move with bar insertion/ removal.

Yes, we could undoubtedly improve the user experience here a bit, both in making it show the Add Marker dialog when you type Shift+Alt+M as well as when you click the + button in the Video panel, and by making the Add Marker dialog default its Timecode value to the current playhead position. I’ll take care of this.

No plans to add comments to markers, though, I’m afraid.

Thank you sir! Much appreciated. Getting good use out of Find Tempo.