Video: Mix Console- no Fader movement-(partially resolved)

The issues are:

  1. No dB markings on the Channels in the Mix Console no matter what size they are.
  2. Cursor can’t move the faders as it’s gone psycho and become the resize cursor.

The channel appears and functions normally in the Channel Settings window.

This is a new development as of C7.0.2 :mrgreen:
Recent clean install of Mac OSX 10.8.2, and new C7 install from downloaded full installer. No issues with C7.0.1 update.

As such, C7.0.2 is unusable. :imp:


In order to display the db levels on the faders you need to zoom horizontally using gh on the qwerty.

They are fixed for vertical zoom not horizontal.

Thank you for mentioning the horizontal zoom. I first noticed that vertical height was affecting whether or not dB markings were visible. So the horizontal zoom must have been set as needed.

But the psycho behavior of the cursor assuming the role of resize cursor is another issue. Any thoughts on that one?

Ok, it seems that this behavior does not occur when selecting MixConsole 2 or 3, just the first menu MixConsole item.

So looks like choosing MixConsole 2 or 3 is a reasonable work around for now. :smiley:

Very weird.

Side Note: I’m among those who love the look of the MixConsole. The new default colors of Cubase are what I’ve been trying to achieve for a long time. C7 is the first upgrade where I have not bothered to make any adjustment to the overall appearance except for darkening the editor window backgrounds.

Holly s…

I dont have this issue on Win7. But still wondering, how these bugs may through beta testing ? :frowning:

It’s definitely strange, but the workaround is ok for now.
Overall, I really like the look and features available in C7.

Glad you are making progress.

I agree C7 is a good looking program. I am very much looking forward to future updates so we can get the “finished” product.