Video no longer accepted in Cubase 6

I have an older version of Cubase which usually works fine for my purposes.
I’m generally recording a fiddle tune with some guitar and bass or mandolin.
Occasionally I want to replace the audio in a video, I used to be able to do this, but the last few time I tried Cubase wouldn’t load video in either .mov or mp4 formats?


If I remember right, the QuickTime-based video engine was used in Cubase 6. So if you are able to open the video in Quick Time, you are able to open it in Cubase too.

Be aware, Quick Time is not supported on Windows (if you are on Windows) anymore.

Thank you, that is more or less my answer.
I had this working ages ago when I had windows 98 but not in windows 10. I am doing the videos with my iPhone.

Basically Cubase should work with QT and mp4 videos, but it happens a lot that things filmed on mobile devices don’t work because they have none standard frame rate.
You can ‘fix’ that by using ER Media ToolKit, if you bring in a video that has none standard frame rate it immediately warns you, showing Red message with the problematic video frame rate, allowing you to change it into the closest standard frame rate, and therefore after conversion it simply works in any DAW.
The bonus with this ToolKit is that it integrates into Cubase export audio mixdown window as a post-process, so you can also use it to replace audio in any video (not only what QT supports)
It is literately a life saving software!

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