Video Not Responsive (cubase) - does N7 have this problem?

I work to picture, and the “unresponsive video” in cubase has persisted now for a couple of years and OS iterations without being resolved.

I’m at the point of either switching to a new DAW or possibly upgrading to nuendo - can any nuendo users confirm if the “unresponsive video” bug is present in Nuendo as well?


No, I’ve never seen this on my system. Windows though…

If you mean the dreaded “video service is not responding”, yes, it happens in Nuendo. Just experienced it yesterday.

If something else… I dunno!


Don’t use long gop formats.

Yes that’s exactly what I mean! That’s unfortunate.

This problem occurs even with no video present in the session, so it’s not format related in my experience.

No problems here.

Call me if you like method1

Well, the new video engine is on the way…

I use Nuendo 7 With video everyday, I reboot my computer once or twice a week or so (say three times b cause lets face it it ain’t 100% perfect it does crash eventually).
I think Inhqve seen this message two or three times in the last half a year or so. Not often enough for it to b a major issue in my world. I would prefer if it never happened again though.

Same here… and for the record, I don’t think it has anything to do with actually using video. In my experience, more related to how long N7 has been running without a restart. Hasn’t ever harmed anything I’ve been working on, either.


I’ve never seen this bug through many versions of Nuendo. All on Windows machines I built.

Just an FYI that it’s not a universal issue.

Same here, 6 (Windows) machines, all running without video problems.


Good we lucky experiencers of the situation are here to keep things real! :smiley:

It definitely doesn’t happen as much as it did in previous versions… I wonder what the differences in setups/ways of working to account for the inconsistent experiences between users.

For what it’s worth, in the rare times I encounter the issue, it’s typically either when closing a project or, rarely, when starting Nuendo. A restart (generally not a reboot) takes care of it, as a rule.


Just had this happen yesterday with N7 on Windows. Was attempting to replace audio in a video file. About halfway through the job, I got the alert.

Shut down Nuendo, reopened, tried it again, same problem. Restarted computer, same problem.

It was my first try to replace audio. Not sure what happened, but I hoped it would be a smoother process. The video editor is going to have to replace the audio I send.