Video not starting on offset

The video will not start correctly on the offset I set, it just starts when I click play at the start of video rather than later when it is supposed to start. It works fine in my Cubase 12 but not my Dorico 4. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Ignore the score, it is just a sketch.

I’ve just given this a quick test here with a video file I have lying around, and it’s working as expected. Does the same problem exist with any other video file, or does it appear to be limited to just the current video file you’re using?

I will experiment. It’s not a Mac M1 problem is it? I just installed a new system.

No, it’s working fine for me on my M1. I suspect the specific video file may be the cause of the issue.

Hi Daniel, okay, I tried an older video and you are right, it works fine. It might be this particular video. Oddly enough the new video comes from the same source as the previous one. Scratching my head, are we having fun yet?

All the best to you.

You should perhaps take a look at the codec being used by the video to see if it differs to the previous one. You can run both of them through MediaInfo to check: