Video not updating

I linked a video to a flow. Later when the Dorico project was closed, I over-wrote that video with a new one, with the same name.

However, the Dorico file inexplicably plays the old video file… even though it’s nowhere to be found. Eh???

I’ve tried detaching and re-attaching it, to no avail. What am I missing?

EDIT: I detached the video file, closed Dorico, changed the file name, and re-attached, and now it’s correct. I’m not sure which part of that process was the fix. However this behavior seems odd to me, and I think should be improved if possible.

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Hi Dan. I suppose Dorico uses a specific and unique id to tag the video attached that is different from the file name… Detach the old file and attach the new seems quite a sensible workflow.

That’s what I did, but somehow Dorico kept playing the old one… even though it shouldn’t have existed!

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Oh, yes, now I understand your problem! Strange… I wonder whether this could explain problems I’ve had with some videos that I tweaked (pitch shifted the audio track so that it’s in tune with Dorico…) but couldn’t attach in their new version. It wasn’t really important so I simply forgot about it…

When you attach a video to a project, Dorico extracts the audio track from the video (at the current sample rate, which explains why it will fail to play back if you subsequently change the sample rate used by the audio engine), and stashes it away in a temporary location.

If you attach a new version of the video with the same filename, Dorico doesn’t know that it needs to recreate the soundtrack, so it continues to play back the last version of the audio track.

Therefore, you should use a new filename when you attach a new version of the video.


Makes sense, thanks Daniel.