Video Not Working in N10.2.1 But works in N3 and N4.3

As title says. I import project in
N3 - it works fine
N4.3 - it works fine
N10.2.1 - it says video invalid or not supported.

I thought I had to purchase the Video Encoder NX HD for it to work, so I bought it.
$50.00 (Canadian) later N10.2.1 still says “invalid or not supported video”, while earlier versions work fine.

The Audio and MIDI part of the project load fine, just the video does not.

Frustrating and expensive.
I wonder if I can get a refund on the Video Encoder. It has been less than an hour since I purchased it.

What are the tech specs of your video?

Here we use often h264 @ 720p for streaming pourposes.
The only issue I have with .mov sometimes is when only QT can play it back, maybe because of a header problem.
What I do is to reconvert it in the same format or h264 if needed.

I think that when SB re-wrote video engine it now supports only standard resolutions. Check the soecs from SB and convert your old videos.