Video offset for Blackmagic Intensity Pro

I’ve always used a Blackmagic Intensity Pro (PCI) to feed my TV screen in the studio with a videosignal while working with music for film. With my MacPro3,1 I found somewhere that the right offset for the black magic was 480 ms and this worked fine. Now I got a brand new computer, much quicker and better and the offset doesn’t match anymore?

Anyone knows how to set the offset right for the video output? Heard about taking photos with a printed timecode in the video and with Cubase’s own and look at the photo afterwards, but that’s still not precise compared to a setting in ms. Also I saw this thread by @mandras ( but the Synccheck is out of production.

I’m on OS X 10.10.4 and Cubase 8.0.30.

Anyone have experience with this?