Video Offset

Hello everybody, I am a long time Nuendo user since N2, and work in my studio for music productions and I do post production for TV documentaries.

I would like to discuss methods to accurately determine the offset for video displays, adjustable in the Nuendo device setup / video player menu.
I use a Blackmagic Intesity Pro, attached to it is an LCD screen over HDMI. Sometimes I also use the onscreen window.
My offset for the Intensity output is 100ms, for the onscreen window it is 20ms.

I tried the following methods to determine the offset between audio and picture:
Playback a preroll video with beeps an a frame bursts and set the offset to taste.
Playback an edit / cut in a video with an aligned clear audio event at the edit point, again set the offset to taste.
Playback a video with inserted timecode, turn on the Nuendo timecode display on the computer screen, make a photo of both and check the offset of the two numbers on the photo. (I think I have this method from this forum, thanks for that, it is the most fun of the three…).

More or less with all three methods I have the feeling of guesswork rather than accurate setup.
And every time I have to align sound fx and foley to the picture, or have to lipsync voice I ask myself hmm, how precise is my display timing?
Although I get along well and never got complaints on badly synced audio I wonder if there is a method to measure this precisely. I look forward to hear your thoughts.

Best regards Andreas

Syncheck is the device:

Expensive but lets you be sure (and your client).

Thanks! This looks really good.


That is something that interests me. I just use a second graphic card to get the video out and I don’t really have problems with it. What is the advantage of using a video card over just using the graphic card of the computer? Because I hear it is more professional to do that.