Video playback don't work on N5.5.1 in my DAW

I’ve done few movie works with 5.5 allready outside my own DAW. Everything worked fine.

Now I’m trying for the first time do some movie work with my own workstation. Video don’t work. See picture…
So I get thumbnails ok but video player is “weird” to say the least…
Video player works fine with N5.1 on the same DAW.

I’ve tried different videos but none work.
I’ve reinstalled Nuendo.
I’ve reinstalled QT.
I’ve checked for update for ATI.

Laptop HP nx 9420
Fireface 800
QT pro 7.7.1
Win7 64bit
Nuendo 5.5.1 32bit
Open GL2.1 is ok on ATI mobility radeon 1600X

Any ideas what to try? I can do my movie work with 5.1 but of course I want to get 5.5 to work also…

Bye / Tumppi
Nuendo 5_5_1 video trouble.jpg

Weird - I had the reverse of this recently, where the thumbnails had the same appearance of your player window in the screenshot, yet the output was fine.
That got fixed when I updated from 7.6.9 to 7.7, and another odd thing there was that I had no idea my QT was out of date, as running the updater said all was up to date.
Uninstalled Apple Software Updater & the player found the 7.7 update immediately.

Point being this is most likely a quicktime issue - did it work okay in 7.7?

I work to picture with the latest N 5.1.1 since it was released in Aug 2011.
PC i7, Win7 64, Nuendo 5.1 64 bit, QTpro 7.7.1, with and w/o Intensity pro.
Once the Intensity were adjusted, the rigs are working rock-solid,
even when abused by some stranger codecs and with really large vid files.
Video playback works internally on PC Monitor and externally with Intensity Pro better than ever.
Just a pity that we can’t have both, …yet…?..: PC Monitor and Intensity playback at the same time.

I am sorry that I can’t be of help. With the little possibilities to adjust video settings in the Device Setup menue
you have hardly a chance to do something wrong there, so I think it is one of those Software/system/hardware bugs one gets stricken by, once in a while… Are there any video codecs missing?

I hope you can get this fixed…please, let us know…

Don’t really know, Neil. As I said all my N5.5 movie work has been done on other systems. Before that previous movie with this DAW was done with N5.1…So I don’t know at which point this got broken.
I guess I’ll try to install some earlier version of QT to see if it makes difference.

Bye / Tumppi

Uninstalled QT. Restart
Installed QT 7.1.6. restart
Launch 5.5. --> No go unfortunately.

Launch N5.1. --> Video works just fine…

Don’t really know what to try next…

Bye / Tumppi

I had issues with this before and downloaded additional codecs to my PC ( not for free, you do want to pay, search video codecs ) solved the issue. There can be issues with playback depending on the video wrapper on the QT or AVI file that the director rendered and gave you esp when trying to play back on PCs…

If your saying you created your own QT video from another source then I am not sure in this case -

I’ve made my own QT’s to test this. All play nice in QT player and N5.1. But not in N5.5.

Bye / Tumppi

I think it is important to know which codec was used to compress the video.


One was QT DV pal… It has always worked before…
Also DV pal AVI…

Bye / Tumppi

Now it seems that video stutters just a bit even in N5.1. Don’t know when it started… Maybe after I installed the 5.1.1 video update.
In N5.5 video player is still totally useless.

All files I’ve tried work very well both in QT player and in Windows media player… Just not in Nuendo.

This is bad. Full re-install of the system is not an option as I won’t do it just to see if it works or not.
When I have the time, I’ll uninstall Nuendo completely. Then reinstall and see if that helps…

This laptop of mine is not “brand new” so I guess one option is to buy new one. Hope this doesn’t end there as otherwise this still works very well.
Vegas runs beatifuly etc…

Bye / Tumppi

Might not be related, but I just came upon your post Tumppi, and I have the same system (nx9420).
All of a sudden my playback with my FF800 is pretty poor. CPU is stable between 40-50%, but I hear dropouts when the VIDEO WINDOW is VISIBLE. Fine and smooth when not visible.

I have recently upgraded to QT 7.7.1, but is this the cause? I cannot say for sure.
5.5, not 5.5.1 here.

Really annoying, as we are in super-tight-due-to-holidays-sound-branding mode here. To picture that is :frowning:

Any help appreciated! Might have to go to asio4all to get smooth playback with the FF800 (internal works fine).
Sorry, Tumppi - to get back OT -> what is your video card driver version? The x1600 isn’t really Win7 supported, did you use modded drivers?

Im trying to import video files into Nuendo 5 for the first time. It says that the AVI is an invalid or unsupported file type. I briefly discussed this with the sound engineer who introduced me to Nuendo quite some time ago and he told me to ask for video advice here, as he only uses Nuendo for audio.

So here I am.

Do I need to install anything on my computer to make this work or do I need to drag some kind of files into my program files or program files X86 to make this work?

Please advise.

Thank you

You need QT installed on yout system.

Bye/ Tumppi

I guess it is the video card. I use Vista 64bit driver for it.
I’m really thinking about getting a new computer. Don’t know yet tho…

Bye / Tumppi

Same here…