Video Playback Glitching, I don't know how to fix this

EDIT: Here are my specs:
Windows 10
Nvidia Geforce GTX

I’m trying to score to a video but I can’t get playback for more than a few seconds without seeing glitching that obscures the content. I’ve made a video capturing the issue but this site creates a link and won’t let me post it here.

A temporary work around is resizing the window, but that only works for a few seconds and goes right back to pixel nightmare. moving the playhead doesn’t solve this either, in fact the glitching sticks around until I fiddle with the window size again. I have Halli media splitter and ffdshow, decoder and codec programs, which make playback possible in Ableton but have made no difference with Dorico. What can I do to resolve this?

I’ve seen this issue posted before and when that person’s video was sent to the developers they said they didn’t see issue with it, so I’m assuming there’s a setting on my computer that has yet to be fixed but I don’t know what.