Video Playback Response is slow at start .MOV format.

I’m using .MOV video files now the sound starts playing fine without lag, but the video lags about 2 seconds before it starts. Setting your cursor to a time takes about 1-2 seconds to refresh the video screen. ONLY if you start the video before the video track then it renders fine and in time.

I just installed the 5.1.1 video upgrade which didn’t resolve the issue at all.

In Nuendo 4 there was no lag whatsoever with .MOV files. I just did a comparison. .MOV in N4 - instant response, N5 - 1-2 second response

Is this a bug or is there a way to improve the rendering so it is instant and not a 2sec lag.

Which codec are you using?
Know that the more compressed (smaller) the files, the more problems you will bump into.
H264 for short to medium files are OK.
Mp4 for short files are fine.
Long files need PhotoJepg or something of that kind.