Video playback without an external video card?

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hope everyone is fine. Some throughs about video playback. Currently I’m using a iMac Late 2015 with a Blackmagic Intensity Pro via Thunderbolt 2 together with a Grundig 42" TV. I’m using HDMI connection.

Now I’m thinking to buy the new MacBook Pro 16" M1 Max. Instead of using an new Backmagic UltaStudio Mini I’m thinking to connect the Macbook Pro via a docking station with HDMI to my TV.

Is someone having a setup like this currently? Doing video playback to a TV without any external video card / converter?

Most of the time I’m working on TV documentaries (1080p 25) or sometimes a documentary for cinema (1080p 24).

I’m excited about your experiences.


Works for me…
Have an Intensity Pro 4k, but when I’m doing remote stuff via Skype and share my screen, then I use my 3rd graphic card output and feed my TV screen. Works perfect.
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I’m probably just semi-pro these days working out of home, but I’ll say I always had the best experience playing video on the desktop ( second monitor) using the Nuendo player. ( I dont usually work with a client over my shoulder! )
I have had hassles with various video out boxes with delays from the Box and the monitor input. And cables …
For video color work of course theres no question a real 'video" output to a calibrated monitor is required. But for a mix reference I dont know. The desktop player is responsive and virtually offset free .
Just my 2c.

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Thanks you so much for your experience. In the past I also had often problems with delay from my video boxes.

So then I will use only the Nuendo video play with external monitor. In my case my TV screen. :slight_smile:

You will always have “problems” with delay… Every screen has delay, so measure it and use the offset in the preferences to compensate it. Therefore I’m using Sync-One2. As I said, I switch regularly between my Intensity Pro 4k and the built in Video-Player. Both work well in my setup!
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