Video Player and Mouse causing ASIO and DPC spikes

I’ve got a desktop system that is giving me problems with newly installed Cubase 8.5.2.
Specs for this system are Windows 7 64 bit fully updated, Q9300 (4x 4ghz), PNY 9400GT video card (updated), 3x MOTU 896 (updated). When I load in a video file for scoring it gives major ASIO spikes at any useful buffer, and even at very large buffers it’s quite unsteady. Even without a video loaded I noticed that moving the mouse around the screen with the scissor tool selected creates similar spikes is DPC / ASIO meters. I have disabled any kind of 3d modes and bells and whistles in the nvidia panel so that it’s running in a performance-optimized state.

The frustrating thing is that I can run video playback of the EXACT session on my old Dell 2x 2.2 ghz laptop with garbage asio drivers, WITH the Wifi on, while browsing and writing this very post with the ASIO meter hardly at 10% and steady with Cubase 4.5.2!

In both cases this 100GB video file is steaming from an external usb3 drive.

I’m going mental so if anyone has any insight or tests to suggest running I’m totally out of ideas. Thank you in advance!

Several things here catch my eye

  1. “Windows 7 64 bit fully updated”
    You MAY have to scale back that Windows 7 on that machine. 8 year old processor and a GFX card that is being taxed in todays applications.

Reference —> CLICK HERE FOR INFO <-----

Lets start by killing ALL extra services in that fully updated Windows 7. Google the “setting up a new DAW” guides - that should get you moving in the right direction.

Thanks for the reply. I’ve already done all of the “safe” streamlining as per for streamlining Windows systems.

And I’ve also switched out my nvidia card for an amd hd4850. Performance has improved in other areas, but the primary issue outlined in the first post (huge asio spikes with video player playback, or hovering the scissor tool around the project windows) persist.

Luckily I didn’t buy 8.5 yet and am just using a friend’s key to test the system stability. I’ll stick with C4.5.2 until this gets fixed.