video player causing problems


I’ve recently moved to a 64 bit machine, PC, Windows 7 (Cubase 5.5.2) - all has been working very well for a while, but now i’m loading videos (Quicktime) and having all sorts of problems. Frequent crashes, and every single time I try and shut down cubase after working on a project with a video file it hangs, causing me to have to shut it down with ctrl-alt-del.

I know this isn’t terribly specific, but this is what’s happening. Never had any problems with videos before moving to 64 bit and Cubase 5.5 - hence I can only guess the problem is either to do with the 64 bit version, or the 5.5 update, or both… Of course it could be the video file, but other people on my team are having no problems loading it in Logic and DP.

Any advice much appreciated!

…another thing it’s doing is - if i’ve had a crash - giving me a message on startup syaing the video player is not working. To cure this it takes a computer restart. The file is quicktime, h264 - this should be fine?

I probably won’t be of much help but I’ve had the exact same problem.
In my other driver problem thread, I mentioned I got back to a very old and working driver, which has eliminated the crashes. Haven’t worked with video for a few days though, but you can always try a driver swap…

Hi, thanks for the reply, had a look at your thread, but I’m not sure my problem has anything to do with video drivers - which I haven’t updated since getting my PC about a year ago anyway. The video playback is fine once the video’s loaded.

Quicktime player is updated to the lastest version.

I’m clutching at straws here probably, but could not having enough free space on my systmem drive be a problem? That’s the only other thing that’s changed in my setup recenty.